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2016/CW27 Euros Jersey W27

Tanoa Jay 10.07.2016


If you ever have the chance to attend Euro's with a team, then I say DO IT. Regardless whether you think your good enough for it or you’re being told you’re not good enough for it.

Just commit 100% as a team and be prepared to make plenty of sacrifices for it. A Euro’s campaign is no joke, its hard hard work. We entered the Women's 27s division basically as unknowns. We didn’t know what to expect and neither did the opposition. We entered are first game against France with an optimistic approach, just believing in ourselves and our preparation. We stunned the opposition with a touchdown from our tap off move within the first 15secs. Followed by another one shortly after, making it 2-0. There was a lot of back and forth from both sides throughout the game, and we came to a draw of 4-4 at the final whistle.

Our motivation was up and our optimism stayed with us throughout the tournament. England came at us very fast and directly in our first encounter for our 2nd game, taking it 1-13. Michael Abromowitz gave us some very crucial advice in our subbing and defence policies to counteract the English side. Advice that we took on for the rest of the tournament, which helped us gel as a team even further.

We all received some many compliments from our opposition during the tournament. We finished the Euro’s knowing in our hearts that we fought hard to earn a place and the respect of the division.

Ladies, you have become an inspiration to us all in Touch Switzerland. Your journey and achievements are stamped in our memories and on our hearts. You exceeded expectations and drove yourselves beyond. A very successful Euro's 2016 campaign.