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2018/CW14 Training MO

Holman Ralph 07.04.2018

On Saturday April 7 the Swiss Men's Open squad met for a final training before their camp in June. In preparation the squad had studied coach Nick's video analysis of previous sessions. Training began at 10 am. Under a cloudless sky, the team drilled moves and patterns. The (almost) final squad for Nottingham was announced over lunch. In addition, the team was introduced to their ibex mascot Louis (Lu-ee), who, although rather shy at first, seemed to fit the job description nicely. The training focus on moves and patterns continued after lunch. While fitness drills were omitted, mental stamina was tested. The air was still and the sun beat down with temperatures on the pitch reaching 25 °C. Under the watchful eye of coach Nick, referee Kevin, ibex Louis, one static camera, one whirring drone and two Go-Pros, each player endeavoured to remain composed under the relentless sun. At one point training was paused by the coach for the squad to take a deep breath, so as to regain their composure before continuing. Many litres of sun cream later, tired bodies and a bewildered ibex staggered off the pitch. A well earned cool shower awaited. Refreshments followed. Six hours of training highlighted weaknesses and confirmed progress. The squad, fortified by their new four-legged friend, look forward to their training camp in June.