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2018/CW18 Board Meeting

Tomaszewska Ania 05.05.2018



Stuart Lewis (President), Pete Ryland (Treasurer), Jess Richards (Women's Development), Peter Keiser (Referees), Roger Beck (Communication), Ania Tomaszewska (Secretary), Federico Black (Geneva Eagles), Jen Hinam (Geezers), Solange Seppey (Swiss Lakers), Nicole Steiner (Touch Rugby Bern), James Weston (Zug)


Absent: Pasqual Neuweiler (Development)
Guests: Mike Abromowitz (ETC Tour Manager), Troy Cameron (Coach)
Minutes: Ania
Date/ Place: 5 May 2018, YATUS bar ( Rue du Petit-Chêne 11, 1003 Lausanne)


  1. Euro 2018 - Update
  2. Development elite and grass roots
  3. Youth development
  4. TS affiliation fees
  5. Swiss Cup budget - Update
  6. Intermediate and advanced coaching courses
  7. Communication
  8. World Cup 2019
  9. Euros 2020
  10. Admin



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