Women's Training Squad




  Switzerland Squads 2022 We were very fortunate playing touch in Switzerland this year, desp...> mehr
07.12.2021 , Rebecca Fitzgerald (W27), Pasqual Neuweiler (MXO), Peter Ryland (M30), Michael Abromowitz (M45), Thomas Blaser (High Performance Director)

2021/CW35 Squad announcement EUROPEAN TOUCH SENIOR CUP 2021

The coaches named the players for the EUROPEAN TOUCH SENIOR CUP 2021 Touch Switzerland will b...> mehr
01.09.2021 , Rebecca Fitzgerald (W27), Peter Ryland (M30), Michael Abromowitz (M45)

2014/CW32 Euros Swansea MXO, M35

Referee Report - Euro Touch Championships 2014 August 6th I was up at absurd-o-clock to get...> mehr
10.08.2014 , Referee

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Women's Training Squad

Head Coach
Fitzgerald Rebecca Switzers Geneva
Bertoni Maria Elena Geezers Touch
Bohne Katharina Basel Touch
Bradford Kate Zug Touch
Elderton Melanie Touch Rugby Luzern
Freudenberger Kathrin Basel Touch
Hinam Jennifer Geezers Touch
Jahn Marlies Geezers Touch
Keates Dannie Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Lüthi Lisa Touch Rugby Bern
Parker Maddie RC Bagnes
Patxot Marion ERL Lakers
Schärer Sandra Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Seppey Solange ERL Lakers
Siroki-Galambos Anna Basel Touch
Steinacher Sabrina Baden Banditos
Steiner Nicole Touch Rugby Bern
Stettler Corina Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Tanoa Fabienne Geezers Touch
Tou Basia Basel Touch
Waetford Claudia ERL Lakers
Wälti Irene Geezers Touch
Weston Natasha Zug Touch
Widmer Snoopy Touch Rugby Bern
Zaugg Andrea Touch Rugby Bern