Men's 40 (M40)


2018/CW09 Training M40

The Men's 40s had planned a training weekend on Sunday 4th March. The plan had been to train on...> mehr
04.03.2018 , Weston Jim

2018/CW07 Training M40

On Saturday we had 20 of the Mens 40s training at Egg for the first session back after the Wint...> mehr
18.02.2018 , Weston Jim & Beck Roger

2017/CW45 Training M40s

Die Wetterprognosen versprachen nichts Gutes, trotzdem versammelten sich rund 30 Akteure auf de...> mehr
11.11.2017 , Beck Roger

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M40s Squad

Team Manager
Grover Andrew Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Head Coach
Cameron Troy Zug Touch
Assitant Coach
Abromowitz Michael Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Strub Finn
Barton John Touch Rugby Luzern
Grover Andrew Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Henderson Angus Zug Touch
Lewis Stuart Panhandle Wildpigs Rugby Club Egg
Lighting Ben Zug Touch
Maber Rhys Switzers Geneva
Mitchell James Switzers Geneva
Murphy Tim Zug Touch
Nettleton Jamie Zug Touch
Ryland Peter Basel Touch
Temtem Salim Baden Banditos
Thomas Barry Zug Touch
Vertigen James Zug Touch
Weston James Zug Touch
Woodhouse Sam Switzers Geneva