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2019/CW41 European Touch Senior Cup

Cameron Troy 10.10.2019


The following is a brief summary of the European Touch Senior Cup 2019 tournament last week in Lisbon.


Results were as follows. 



2 - 6


2 - 5


4 - 2

Switzerland 6 - 4 Portugal
Switzerland 2 - 3 Ireland



0 - 5



PLAY OFF (3 v 4)

5 - 1




Under brilliant blue skies and sunshine, the European Touch Senior Cup kicked off in Lisbon, Portugal over two days in October 2019. Held at the University sports fields, one grass and two astro fields were prepared for some vintage touch action. With seven Women's teams (W27 and W35), six Men's 40s teams and five Men's 45/50 teams, Switzerland was represented in the Men's 40s division with a noteworthy mention of Jen Hinam playing for the Eurostars W35 side (a 'stateless' side made up of players not representing their countries).  

After a poor start, the Swiss Men's 40s found form through the tournament to improve their performances. The first two games against Wales and Jersey in particular showed how a lack of preparation as a team results in inconsistent play and a lack of cohesion in defence. As the first day progressed, players started to establish combinations and communication was more prevalent which was reflected in the score. The third game in particular was the first time an English national team has been defeated by Switzerland in Touch Football! The win against the England side was backed up by a competitive game against the hosts, Portugal. The completion of day one had ensured the Swiss team were secured of a semi-final berth.  

Day two began with the last pool game against Ireland. After being ahead 2-1 at half time, the Swiss M40 side lost their structure and composure with Ireland scoring two unanswered touch-downs in the second half. The result meant a semi-final match-up between Wales and Switzerland (1 v 4) with the Welsh side not having lost a game in the tournament thus far. Outclassed, the semi-final was an uneven affair with Wales securing the win comfortably and assigning Switzerland to the 3 v 4 place game against Jersey (who had lost to Ireland in the other semi). Whilst Jersey may have been the pool game winners, it was Switzerland that triumphed in the last game through a solid whole-game performance and a higher level of fitness.  

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2019/10 European Touch Senior Cup

Our final result of being the third best Men's 40s side in Europe is the highest achievement of any Swiss side in Touch Football. Unfortunately there was no bronze medal (only first and second) but we were honoured to be announced on our return Swiss flight from Portugal by the aircraft captain as he was preparing the cabin to land.  

I'd like to thank Pete Ryland for herding the cats and for Linda Lützner who managed to keep all the dinosaurs from extinction. Without the magnificent efforts of both, we'd be lost and without legs.  

It's with a tinge of sadness that this is the end of the Swiss Men's 40s team (until there is movement from the younger players up). After two years from preparing for the Euros in 2018 to finishing in Portugal, it has been a valuable learning experience for all involved with some terrific results from the hard work put in. It has been decided that with most of the side eligible for the next division, the core group will be far more competitive in the Men's 45 Division at Euros 2020. Stay tuned for details on inclusion into the Swiss Men's 45 roster for future training and tournaments.  

As a footnote, Jen captained the Eurostars to second place in the Women's division but their final loss was to the Scotland W27 so both teams got a trophy!!  


Keep in Touch,

Troy Cameron
Men's 40s Coach (retired)